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  • What is Dandyian Rewards?
    Dandyian Rewards is our very own Loyalty Program, where our Guests can earn points and rewards to redeem them at Dandy!
  • How does Dandyian Rewards work?
    Dandyian Rewards is a Spend and Earn Points Program. You can now earn Points when you dine in or takeaway with us. Your accumulated points can be redeemed as Rewards on your Dandy visits.
  • How do I join Dandyian Rewards?
    Just head over to any one of our Dandy outlets and register with just your phone number or sign up here.
  • Is there any fee to join Dandyian Rewards?
    No joining fee or usage fee is required.
  • Why should I join Dandyian Rewards?
    You will enjoy all sorts of perks, such as birthday treats, unique event invitations, exclusive deals, pre-menu launches, and more. Let us REWARD you the best way we know how.
  • How do I earn Points?
    For every RM1 spent you will earn 1 Point. When you are at the cashier, be sure to let our friendly Service Team know you are a Dandyian Rewards user.
  • How do I earn Rewards?
    Points will automatically be converted into Rewards which are in cash value and can be redeemed on your next Dandy bill. 
  • How do I enjoy my Rewards?
    Visit any one of our Dandy outlets to enjoy and redeem your rewards. You will have to complete your registration to be able to access your reward page. If you have not, fret not! You will still be able to collect your points on your visits. So, be sure to let our friendly Service Team know you are a Dandyian Rewards user. 
  • How can I check my Rewards?
    A link will be sent to the registered contact number after your most recent visit. Checking your rewards has never been easier.
  • Can I exchange my Points and Rewards for Cash?
    No, points or rewards are not exchangeable for cash. 
  • Will my points expire?
    No, your points will not expire as long as your Dandyian Rewards account is active.
  • Can I earn Points with different payment methods?
    Yes, as long as you are a Dandyian Rewards user. We accept cash, card, or e-wallet payments.
  • Can I transfer my Points to someone else?
    No, points are non-transferable.
  • What can I do with my earned Points?
    Accumulated Points are converted into Rewards and can be used like a cash voucher.
  • My Points were not captured from my last visit, what should I do?
    Send us an email at rewards@dandy.com.my or call 012-565 3141 for further assistance.


  • What is Dandyian Rewards: Perks?
    Perks are special benefits users will receive when signing up for Dandyian Rewards such as birthday treats, unique event invitations, exclusive deals, and pre-menu launches.
  • I received a Perk via a text, what do I do?
    If you do receive a reward from us via text, click on the link provided to view your Perks. Visit any one of our Dandy outlets to claim it!
  • Will my Perks expire?
    Yes, every Perk has a different expiry from the date of issue. You can check by clicking on the link via the text received.
  • What if I have an expired Perk, can it be reinstated?
    No, expired Perks will be forfeited and will not be reinstated.

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