Dandy Feast Bersama Menu: Collaboration with Afi Sulaiman

Dandy Feast Bersama Menu: Collaboration with Afi Sulaiman

Art comes in many forms, right? It’s a creative expression of an artist across different mediums.

For us at Dandy, we are all about the art of food. Food, when served, is a beautiful canvas filled with vibrant colours and unique textures. And with so many food options at Dandy, our inspirations are never-ending.

So when we found Afi, a foodie and a talented local artist, we knew a collaboration was in the making. And with Hari Raya celebrations this month, it’s the perfect time to mark our first-ever collaboration for something special and meaningful.

Don’t you agree that a food creation crossover with an artist creates an exciting collaboration?

Introducing our Feast Bersama Menu in collaboration with Afi Sulaiman, a talented artist who has brought the Raya theme to life with her playful illustrations and strokes.

Have you noticed all the playful illustrations and the awesome Raya Menu at Dandy? If you haven’t, then drop by and check them out.

The festive vibe was certainly on a whole new level with the collaboration. We even set up an Afi Corner for it.

Here’s a sneak peak 👇👇👇


Who is Afi Sulaiman?

Afi, short for Afiqah is a rising Malaysian artist and illustrator seeking to infuse her love for food into every stroke. She also has numerous art exhibitions, workshops, and a children’s book titled Malaysian Food Tales under her belt.

👉 @afisulaiman 👈

Guess what? Afi is also part of Dandy’s Wholesome Gang.

It’s a vibrant community we started to bring talented and wholesome individuals of diverse backgrounds together to learn from each other while having a good time.


The Feast Bersama Menu

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Being a foodie, Afi seamlessly blends her love for food and artistic talents to create a stunning visual representation of Dandy’s Ramadan creations.

This festive menu features wholesome spread like rice, stew, pizza, desserts and refreshing drinks. It’s also the first time we’ve introduced couscous in our menu.

Fueled by her imagination and creativity, Afi captured the essence of the dishes and their wonderful flavours with each brush stroke. 

And with all the vibrant colours and patterns, the Feast Bersama Menu was brought to life.

Wait, there’s more to this collaboration than just a menu.

Did you think we’d stop there?


The Merchs

We’ve got the flavours, we’ve got the art, and of course we’ll have the merchandise covered as well!

Because a collaboration isn’t complete without these awesome merch like Dandy x Afi’s Sampul Raya, Sticker Packs, Postcards, and Instagram GIFs.

The best part? It’s FREE – but with terms and conditions lah.

Each of these vibrant and playful designs are illustrated by Afi in mixed media. FYI – mixed media refers to artworks created by blending various media or materials together. 

Check out all the captivating designs. They make a nice addition to the Raya celebrations, don’t you think?

PS: You better hurry if you wanna get your hands on them.

Future Collab

We were over the moon for such a successful collaboration and won’t stop here.

Follow us at @dandymodernfood to tell us what creative partnership you’d like to see in the future. While you’re at it, tell us how you feel about this collab with Afi.

Don’t forget to show your support for Afi by following her Instagram at @afisulaiman.

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