Wholesome Gang, Wholesome Pide Pizza Workshop!

Wholesome Gang, Wholesome Pide Pizza Workshop!

Yo Dandyians, it’s December already. Can you believe it?! The year just flew by (for us anyway)!

We recently hosted a workshop that was nothing short of a pizza party—because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Here’s the spill into the inside scoop on the Pide Pizza Workshop for Dandy’s beloved Wholesome Gang Community. Yep, in case you missed the memo, we have a community of awesome people bursting with positive vibes.

So anyway, what’s Pide Pizza? Isn’t pizza just pizza?

Haaa… come, let teacher Dandy share some insights into the Mediterranean food culture.

Pide pizza has a different shape from a regular pizza, in that they are generally long and thin; the toppings are then placed, and the edges of the bread are folded inwards and pinched at the top and bottom to create a boat-like shape.

The bread crust is soft and pillowy. It’s also often referred to as Turkish pizza.

Okay…back to the wholesome workshop…

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the community gathered to embark on a culinary adventure that would leave taste buds tingling and smiles all around.

Our Wholesome Gang wasn’t just here to munch; they were here to get their hands doughy and create some culinary masterpieces.

The Pide Pizza Workshop began with an array of fresh ingredients, from vibrant veggies to savoury cheeses, and, of course, the heart of it all—our special Dandy pizza dough.

And, as usual with the gang, the pizza not only has a generous amount of healthy toppings, but a HUGE dash of awesome vibes went into the pizzas, too!

As the flour flew and laughter echoed through the air, each member of the Wholesome Gang became a pizza Picasso, crafting personalized pide pizzas that were as unique as their personalities.
It was a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

When our participants finished their masterpiece, they entered the oven, making our kitchen a fragrant haven of anticipation. (Of coz la… Tak sabaq nak taste your own pizza, kan?)

The aroma of baking pizza wafted through the air, building up the excitement as our Wholesome Gang eagerly awaited their cheesy creations.

But wait, it gets even better! The finishing touches were all about personal flair. Fresh herbs, drizzles of olive oil, and a sprinkle of love—our Wholesome Gang made sure each pizza was a work of art before taking that first heavenly bite.

Check out the video; it basically sums it all up. The event was more than just a pizza workshop – it was a celebration of community, creativity, and, of course, GOOD FOOD!

As the day progressed, our Wholesome Gang lepak together, sharing stories, laughter, and slices of their handcrafted pide pizzas.

It was a moment frozen in time, a memory etched in the heart of the Dandy Wholesome Gang.

A massive shoutout to all the participants for filling the Dandy community with love, wholesome goodness and positive vibes!

Stay tuned for more culinary adventures, workshops, and opportunities to come together as the Dandy Wholesome Gang.

After all, life is better with good food and even better company! 🍕✨

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