A Wholesome Feast at PAM’s 50th Anniversary & World Architecture Day!

A Wholesome Feast at PAM’s 50th Anniversary & World Architecture Day!

Hey, Dandyians! Gather ’round, coz we’ve got exciting updates to spill… and whew, there wasn’t a dull moment in the month of October.

The highlight?

It’s definitely our little adventure outside our comfort zone, catering to Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia’s (PAM) 50th Anniversary and World Architecture Day on October 28, 2023. The event was held at our prestigious Penang Town Hall in the heart of George Town.

We catered to a whopping 270 attendees that day, and we’re still buzzing with positive vibes!

So, what did we do?

Dandy covered 4 meals in a day – breakfast, tea break #1, lunch, and tea break #2, and… an elaborate spread for 20 VIPs with table service. 

The awesomeness didn’t stop there because all meals for the other 250 attendees were all packed in eco-friendly packaging with cutleries to minimise the environmental footprint. Climate change is real, gais.

Because we’re not only all about positive vibes but also about sustainability!

And, of course, we kept the drink stations stocked up. We’ve got to keep the attendees hydrated throughout the event from all the mingling and talking 😉.

Now, since all this was done away from our usual operation environment, how did we do it?

Our incredible team! 💪🏼

A massive shoutout to the real MVPs of the day; they ran it like champs. Padu!

Teamwork? A BIG CHECK! ✅
On-time deliveries? Check! ✅
Sticking to schedule? Clockwork, check! ✅
High spirits? Check! ✅

Dandy’s team was on fire! It proves that size and distance are just numbers when we put our minds to it. Go Team Dandy!

PAM’s 50th Anniversary & the WAD Symposium 2023 wasn’t just a gig for us; it was a showcase of what Dandy can do beyond our establishment.

We nailed it, all while keeping things green and giving attendees an unforgettable dining experience. 

But hey, we’re not patting ourselves on the back and calling it a day. There’s always a new adventure on the horizon, and you bet Dandy will be there, dishing out good vibes and wholesome delights.

Have a new challenge for us? Drop us a line!

Life’s too short for bland food and bad vibes. Dandy’s got your back, always. 🌟✌️

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